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author picErin Evans is a stay-at-home mom of eight (That’s not a typo!), wonderful, little children, When she’s not chasing after her offspring, changing diapers, teaching school, cooking gruel, chauffeuring minions, or potty training, she can be found reading, writing, playing drums at her church or dead asleep in a heap of laundry.


  • In her first series, “The Rhine Maiden” (Books 1-5), Erin based her character Piper Cavanaugh on her own life, but decided to have pity on Piper and only gave her two kids… to start off with.
  • The Pernicious Princess Trilogy is a delightfully wicked take on twisted fairy tales. The final installment, The Sallow Spindle, is coming in 2015.
  • Food for Love, a foodie inspired romantic comedy with an urban fantasy twist.


Erin is an ABNA Qualified Author (Quarterfinalist 2012 “The Rhine Maiden” & 2013 “Food for Love”).

  • “… a very satisfying read … fun and imaginative — and romantic, of course … this book is highly entertaining” – Publishers Weekly (ABNA 2013 Manuscript Review)
  • “The humor and verve the protagonist exhibits are refreshing and delightful to read.” -ABNA Expert Reviewer (Partial Manuscript Review)
  • “The story unfolds rapidly, and Cordelia’s voice is strong, individualistic and rich with self deprecating humor.” -ABNA Expert Reviewer (Partial Manuscript Review)
  • “Don’t Rhine on My Parade (The Rhine Maiden Book 1) by Erin Evans was hilarious from the first page. I loved Piper’s methods of parenting, the way she dealt with her mother-in-law and just took everything in her stride. Fantastic tale, brilliantly written, with excellent characters. Erin clearly has a strong imagination and this was just a little different from all the super hero stories you read these days. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the series!” – Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Favorite Authors:

In urban fantasy, Erin enjoys Charlaine HarrisPatricia Briggs, and Kim Harrison. All time favorite authors would be a tie between Robin Hobb and Jasper Fforde.  Best series to date would have to be Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera.

6 Responses to About Erin Evans

  1. Susan says:

    Hi, Erin! I just finished reading The Rhine Maiden: A Suburban Fantasy and loved it! I was happily surprised that it was set not only in Florida, but in my hometown of Melbourne! I even jumped when I read the part abou Piper’s sister being in Malabar at the corner of Corey and Valkaria! I told my husband, but you know how they can be, not easily amused! Are you from or in that area?

  2. erinevans says:

    I am from Melbourne! I went strictly with “write what you know,” so I figured I would set it in my hometown. I’ve lived shortly in Alabama, California, and China, but I really love Florida and Melbourne the best!

  3. Jaya says:

    Hi Erin. I read all four books in the Rhine Maiden series. I absolutely love them! Your books make me laugh out loud which was so refreshing since I am usually a smile while reading books kinda girl. I am hoping and praying for book 5 to come soon. Please tell me there are going to be more books! I really cant wait to read another! Your books made me never want to get off the train to go to work! I love them!!! You are AWESOME!

    • erinevans says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I love hearing that people enjoyed my books. I have an idea for where the fifth Rhine Maiden book will go, but right now I am working on a very light “romantic” comedy. That will hopefully be published this year if I can ever get caught up on my sleep enough to start writing again. (I just had a baby!) Once that is finished I will most likely return to Piper’s adventures!

  4. M. Sellers says:


    I purchased the first three books in your Rhine Maiden series on Amazon. I paid money for these three books. They were not free. I see you have just released a greatly revised book 1, but you are not offering this revised edition has an update to the folks that already purchased book 1.

    In order to get the revised book, you expect your readers to spend more money and buy the book all over again.

    Why aren’t you offering the update? This is a major pet peeve for me with authors. Most offer the prior purchasers the update for free.

    I certainly will not be buying more of your books if this is how you reward your paid readers.

    • erinevans says:

      I am really sorry for the confusion! I posted on my Facebook page about the pricing but I failed to make sure it synced over here! I totally agree with your frustration. I agonized over updating or restarting and decided a clean restart was best for a variety of reasons. It was not my intention to charge readers again for a book they had previously purchased. Amazon does not allow me to price the book for free, but they do price match with Smashwords. I have found that the larger the price differential the faster they are to price match, which is why I have it listed at $2.99 instead of $.99 (which is the lowest price Amazon allows) “Don’t Rhine” is up on Smashwords for free and I posted multiple times on my FB page for everyone to wait to purchase from Amazon until it was free. But, like I said, I didn’t make sure that the info synced, for which I am truly sorry! As an apology, let me send you a coupon for a free copy of “Rhine, Rhine, Go Away,” since I see you only have the first three books. The coupon will be for Smashwords, since Amazon does not allow for giving coupons. Smashwords has all ebook versions available for download including Kindle. Please let me know if the email address you have on file here is the right place to send your coupon, and, once again, I am really sorry!

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