Food for Love

FoodforLove_coverIf the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then it’s no wonder that Cordelia McKellen is still single.

The McKellen family is known for their culinary artistry with one exception: Cordelia is a disaster in the kitchen. Burnt, undercooked, inedible–she’s ruined recipes in more ways than she can count and has decided that she vastly prefers banging away at the piano to banging pot and pans in the kitchen, much to the annoyance of her hot new neighbor. But when the terms of her great aunt’s will are read, Cordelia must put aside her music to become a successful chef or forfeit her inheritance.

With the help of her best friend, Cordelia sets out to conquer the catering world, relying heavily on a secret gift from her great aunt: a mysterious chafing dish that brings new meaning to the term “creative cooking.” Magical or not, catering is harder than Cordelia dreamed and her scrumptious neighbor is becoming increasingly distracting. Can this fast-food loving pianist win her inheritance and find true love or will she wind up with egg on her face?

A delicious romance, stuffed with Cordelia’s unique and hilarious recipes, Food for Love is a tasty treat for foodies and non-foodies alike!


“… a very satisfying read … fun and imaginative — and romantic, of course … this book is highly entertaining” — Publishers Weekly (ABNA 2013 Manuscript Review)

“The humor and verve the protagonist exhibits are refreshing and delightful to read.” —ABNA Expert Reviewer (Partial Manuscript Review)

“The story unfolds rapidly, and Cordelia’s voice is strong, individualistic and rich with self deprecating humor.”  —ABNA Expert Reviewer (Partial Manuscript Review)

“Food for Love by Erin Evans was a hilarious read. The story line was truly unique and it had me hooked from the very first page. This is one of those books that can easily be read in one sitting because you won’t want to put it down. The plot is ingenious, full of magic, laughter and love, with a few disputes along the way. The character development was second to none and the main protagonist is one that we should all be able to identify with. This is a great read for anyone who feels a bit low because I guarantee it will lift you up and shake the blues away. Great story, and I will definitely be reading more from Erin Evans.” — Five Star Review by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

ABNA 2013 Quarterfinalist


ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer:

Cordelia McKellen, a dunce in the kitchen amid her ostentatiously gourmand family, receives a “hideous” silver chafing dish from her late aunt Eleanor, who had been a famous chef. Following a discovery of the dish’s magical property — manifesting any food — the aunt’s will is read. Cordelia stands to inherit the entire estate, including restaurants, contingent on her founding and running a cooking business that turns a profit of at least one thousand dollars after six months. This would have been exciting for our protagonist had she possessed any talent or inclination to cook. With Charlene, a quirky, business-minded and misguided-in-love best friend, in tow, Cordelia begins to think they (and the magical chafing dish) just might be able to pull it off. Hilarity ensues. Add to this tale an extremely attractive new male neighbor in the apartment building (who hates Cordelia’s piano playing), several annoying interlopers, a smattering of danger and intrigue, and the book becomes a very satisfying read. Tempered with hilarious “recipes” following every chapter, which truly showcase Cordelia’s lack of interest in good food, the story moves quickly and wittily through her six-month ordeal. This book is fun and imaginative — and romantic, of course. Besides the juxtaposition of Cordelia and Char’s approach to romantic love, which borders on the transparent — as does one of the main conflicts of the book involving a food critic sardonically keeping tabs on Cordelia’s progress — the manuscript has pacing issues. Nevertheless, this book is highly entertaining and readers will overlook any flaws because this story is so enjoyable. (ABNA 2013 Manuscript Review)

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