FREE BOOK PROMO: 9/24 through 9/28

TheShatteredShoe_coverTo celebrate the release of The Malevolent Mirror, Book Two in the Pernicious Princess Trilogy,  I will be giving away Book 1, The Shattered Shoe, for FREE on 9/24-28. If you enjoy twisted fairy tales, please enjoy this limited time deal and share it with your friends!

Happy Reading!

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Pre-Order The Malevolent Mirror

amazon-logo-transparentThank you so much to my beta readers! I’m sending you a pre-order copy from Amazon soon. Check your email!   Everyone else, The Malevolent Mirror is now available for pre-order!

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Free eBook?

TheShatteredShoe_coverSooo… in preparation for the release of The Malevolent Mirror, if I offered The Shattered Shoe for FREE for a limited time would ya’ll hype the series, share it with your friends, and help drum up some new readers and reviews?

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Malevolent Mirror Release Date Set

TheMalevolentMirror_cover (2)I’m happy to announce that the second book of the Pernicious Princess Trilogy, The Malevolent Mirror, is going to be released this Friday, September 26th, 2014, exclusively on Amazon.

Book Blurb: Still searching for a way home, Morgan is finding her place in the kingdom of Truitonne. When the prince receives an odd marriage proposal from a neighboring land, he sends Morgan and Fenris to investigate the prospective bride, a cursed princess sleeping in a glass coffin. This time Morgan is better prepared to face the veiled evil, but even the powers of the Godmother might not be enough to defeat the ruthless and immortal Snow White.

Trilogy Overview:  Trapped in a hostile land, imbued with the powers of an evil godmother, gifted with a magical sword from her murdered father, and befriended by a monstrous beast, Morgan searches for a way home through a twisted fairytale realm where the princesses are anything but kindhearted. The Wizard of Oz meets The Brothers Grimm in this dark yet humorous heroine’s quest.

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Beta Readers Wanted

The Malevolent Mirror (Book 2 of the Pernicious Princess Trilogy) is almost through the proofing stage, but this time I would like to try something new. I am looking for 5 people to be beta readers for me.

This is not your chance to read the book before it comes out. This is a serious commitment and a huge favor to me. I need people who will read with a critical eye, be able to articulate their thoughts clearly, and can get their proofs back to me quickly.

I will be sending out the cleanest, most polished version that I can, so the main idea is not to find typos (although you will, and they need to be caught), but to hopefully give me feedback on the story itself. Remember, I might not choose, or be able, to make the changes that you think necessary, but your input is still valued and helpful. So don’t volunteer for this if your feelings will be hurt if I don’t use every suggestion you make.

In a nutshell, what I want to hear about is:  As a reader, what disrupted the flow of the story for you?

These are some questions that I’ve pulled off the web to give you a better idea of what I mean when I say “disrupt the flow.” You don’t need to fill in the blank for each one (although you can). This is just to get your thought process going before you start reading.

Questions about the characters:

  • Any confusion on keeping characters straight?
  • Did you like the ones you were supposed to like?
  • What characteristics endeared them to you?
  • What did you dislike about them?
  • Did you dislike the ones you were supposed to dislike?
  • Did the dialogue seem natural or was it stilted?
  • Did any of them feel clichéd?
  • Were their actions and thoughts understandable?

Questions about the setting and backdrop:

  • Could you clearly see the story settings?
  • Which sections needed better, more detailed description?
  • Which sections were bogged down with too much description?

Questions about the pacing:

  • Where did things move too slowly?
  • Where did events feel too rushed?
  • Were there events that should have been given their own scenes but weren’t?

Questions about the reading experience:

  • Was the opening compelling?
  • What page/chapter were you on when you took your first break?
  • Did your mind ever wander?
  • What made you laugh or cry?
  • Were there parts that seemed awkward?
  • Is there anything you are still wondering about?

Questions about the plot:

  • Was the progression of events believable?
  • Where there events that seem like a digression rather than adding to the story?
  • Were there holes in the story?
  • Did anything happen that seemed unbelievable?
  • Did you see the ending coming?
  • Was the ending satisfying?

 I would like to have your thoughts back to me within two weeks of receiving the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy – whoohoo! Doesn’t that sound professional?!). And, for all your hard work and effort you will receive:

  1. My undying gratitude and thanks.
  2. A personal thank you/mention in the dedication to the book.
  3. A copy of the ebook via Amazon or an epub file (Since I’m putting this as a Kindle Unlimited it won’t be available from B&N, Apple, etc. If you prefer an epub file type I will create a file just for you).

So, sound challenging? If you think you have what it takes, message me your email address on Facebook and let’s get reading! The first five people to answer will be my beta readers for The Malevolent Mirror!

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Blurb update

TheShatteredShoe_coverUpdated my book blurb for the Shattered Shoe:

Trapped in a hostile land, imbued with the powers of an evil godmother, gifted with a magical sword from her murdered father, and befriended by a monstrous beast, Morgan searches for a way home through a twisted fairytale realm where the princesses are anything but kindhearted.

Struggling to learn survival skills, she travels to seek the aid of the “beloved” princess Cinderella, but is little prepared to face the dark magic holding the kingdom spellbound. Only Morgan can right the evil plaguing the land, but the sacrifice of her own happily-ever-after might prove too costly.

The Wizard of Oz meets The Brothers Grimm in this dark yet humorous heroine’s quest.

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My Brain is Stuck on Zombie Research

I realize I still haven’t published Book 2 of the Pernicious Princess series, but my mind is already working ahead to Book 3.  What books, movies, etc. should I look into for zombie research?

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Beta Readers Get Ready!

Finishing up the final edits on The Malevolent Mirror. In the next week or so, I’m going to ask for a limited amount of Beta readers for book two in the Pernicious Princess series… get ready!

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KDP Select

I’ve looked into the KDP Select program before on Amazon and been undecided. I think I’m ready to take the plunge with this new book and try it out for 90 days.

The benefits of the program are that The Shattered Shoe would be available to “check out” for free for Prime Members. I would be getting paid the same amount per “rental” as I would for a sale, but the reader would get the book for free for the month. Also, Amazon makes it easy to offer a discount or even give the book away for free a couple of days a month, a much easier process than uploading free to Smashwords and waiting a month or two for the book to hit B&N and Apple and then waiting for Amazon to price match, or even offering a coupon on Smashwords.

The downside of the program is the thing that has kept me from trying this before. The book can only be available on Amazon. I can’t even offer to email a reader a copy of the book in an .epub format. I’ve gone back and forth on this, and figure it can’t hurt to try the program for 90 days.

The vast majority of my readers are on Amazon. I sell more books on Amazon in a month than I do in a quarter on Smashwords. I like being out there in more markets, but the ease of the KDP Select program is tempting as is the chance to reach more readers with a “free” book without the stigma of being free and therefore junk. I definitely will not be moving all my books to KDP Select and might very well be removing The Shattered Shoe after the initial 90 day commitment. We’ll see.

The upside to being a self-published author is that I have the freedom to experiment!

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Pernicious Princess Series

I’ve just finished the first rough draft edit of my new Pernicious Princess series. The story is about a fairy tale realm where all the princesses we know are really the evil bad guys. Book One is called The Shattered Shoe and is, of course, about Cinderella.

I’m working with a new graphic artist for the cover and will hopefully have something to share soon! If all goes well, the book should be published sometime in December.

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