It Never Rhines But It Pours

ItNeverRhines_cover2012Rhine maiden, Piper Cavanaugh, is on the job as a Guardian hitman, but can she execute an innocent witch? When she discovers her target has been framed, Piper must find the true killer or risk losing her job – and her life. As she sorts through a dwindling number of suspects, Piper tries to keep her trigger-happy vampire friend in line, fix a back-fired spell, deal with some unwanted house guests, and still find time to mother her two toddlers. With every use of her power of command bringing her closer to immortality, Piper soon realizes, it never “rhines” but it pours!

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Sample from It Never Rhines but It Pours:

I turned my glare back at Mr. Parker. “This is the witch who tried to have me executed on my first visit to the USB.” I searched my memory. “His ‘witch’ name is Pravus.”

Pravus had regained his calm. “Why are you here, Abominor?”

“What’s an ‘abominor’?” Sarah asked. I was kind of glad she did. I didn’t want to lose the upper hand by not knowing Latin. Oh wait, only geeks, nerds, and witches knew Latin. I was fine.

“It means ‘abomination,’” Cecily answered. “Witches like to use Latin a lot,” she explained in a how-stupid-are-they tone of voice. “They think it makes them scarier.” Her eyes did the freaky thing where they turned completely black and her fangs extended. “Do you feel scary, little witch?”

She was creeping me out and I was on her side. Pravus took a shaky step backwards. “Why are you here?” he asked again, a little less forcefully.

“We’re Guardians,” Sarah answered. “We are here to fix the mess you made.”

I saw realization hit him. His eyes fastened on the sword handle showing over Cecily’s shoulder. He swallowed. I felt a twinge of pity. Oh shake it off, Piper! I said to myself. This is a cold-blooded killer. He deserves to die. He knew the consequences if he got caught. He made his own choices and now he would have to live by them. Or rather, die by them.

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