The Rhine Maiden – now available!

I haven’t given up on the dream of seeing myself in print. I’m still waiting to hear back from agents, and if they reject me, I will still be sending out query letters to more agents. But, after a lot of research, it seems that self-publishing your own ebook is a fun way to get your work out there for people to read. And that’s the point, isn’t is? To have people read what you write! So, I have placed my book at the absolute lowest price you can list under (the host, Kindle or Smashwords, takes a hefty percentage to cover their costs) and I hope that you will take the time (and money, but hey, it’s only $0.99!) to read and enjoy The Rhine Maiden!

It is currently available at Smashwords:   and will hopefully soon be up and running at Amazon Kindle. Smashwords will also distribute the book to other ebook sites, so it might eventually show up at the ibookstore and Barnes and Noble ebooks.

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2 Responses to The Rhine Maiden – now available!

  1. Ray Mac says:

    Good move !

    I wanted to drop you a quick note to say well done on getting the Rhine Maiden out there for sale as an eBook. I honestly think that this is a superb way to get exposure and a readership.
    What’s more. It take GUTS. I don’t know if people appreciate how much guts this does take from you to pour your self into a novel, then put this up for the whole world to see and comment on.
    I know that none of my scraps of short stories will ever see any eyes other than my own !!

    I am making my way through the copy you sent me and am enjoying it greatly. I’ll send you my detailed thoughts when I am finished.

    Be blessed !!!


    • erinevans says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! It is a very scary thing to let people read what you write. Not only are you afraid that it’s really poor writing and you’ll be embarrassed, but you also have guilt for asking friends to read something that might bore them to tears. Reading a 75k word novel is a bigger time commitment than spending an hour looking at someone’s vacation photos!
      I appreciate any and all feedback and thanks so much for taking the time (I know you’re busy!) to read it!

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