10,000 words!

I hesitate to write this, but I have just reached the 10k word mark on Rhine, Rhine, Go Away. Yes, I know, I started before Christmas. This is abominably slow, even for me, but hey, I had to take some time off for the holidays! I am getting up steam now and my goal is be finished by the Summer time. Fingers crossed on that one!

I’m also entering The Rhine Maiden into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award again this year. Last year I made the mistake of writing my pitch as if I were the author. This year, I looked at the pitches that won and realized that everyone wrote theirs as if they were the agent. “A finely crafted story, that perfectly captures . . .” blah, blah, blah. It feels kind of silly touting your own work as if it were the next best thing to Shakespeare, but I’m guessing that “this mediocre story will keep you somewhat entertained” probably doesn’t sell too many books. I’m claiming that “Filled with comedy, action, and thrills, The Rhine Maiden is “suburban” fantasy at its best!”

So, wish me luck! Last year I didn’t make it past the first round, so this year I’m really hoping to make it to round 2!

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  1. Diane Fair says:

    i got your first book free for kindle, and really enjoyed it, so when i saw that you had another book i bought it, and then i got your third, and i’m hooked! please write faster! offering your first book free was genius, and a wonderful way to find new authors to read, since it gave me the chance to read and enjoy it, and then choose to buy the rest. keep up the great work, though i don’t know how you do it with 5 children! plus, piper’s MIL reminds me of my DIL, only carolyn is much nicer.

  2. erinevans says:

    Aha! You caught on to my evil scheme! Offer my first book for free and then, when people are totally hooked, hit them with the hefty $0.99! Okay, so not so evil. But, yes, my thought was that I wouldn’t want to pay even $0.99 for an unknown author and book, so why would anyone else? If the reader enjoyed the first book then they could pay for the second, and if they didn’t like it, they were only out their time.
    I’m really glad you enjoyed the series so far! I’ve had a lot of fun writing them; they’re my creative escape! On the MIL issue: I live in the same town as my mother and my MIL and Carolyn is based on a compilation of everything they have ever done to annoy me, times a hundred, plus how they would do it if they hated my guts. Sometimes I think Carolyn might be a little too evil and I shudder to think of someone who makes her look nice!

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