5 Star Review for “The Shattered Shoe” from Readers’ Favorite!

5star-shiny-webReviewed By Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite

The Shattered Shoe by Erin Evans is a story about Morgan. This young woman grew up while her father was always too busy on his adventures to remember birthdays and other important events in their family’s life. One day she gets a package in the mail. A two-handed sword was accompanied by an urgent note from her father to meet on her mother’s birthday. Since her mother had passed away, the meeting was to take place at the cemetery. Morgan sees her father at the grave site when a dark figure of a woman shows up. The woman plunges her claws into Morgan’s father’s chest and pulls out his beating heart. Infuriated, Morgan crashes into the woman, and both are instantly transported to another time and place. After witnessing the woman consuming her father’s heart, Morgan uses the sword to defeat her. Alone in a strange land, Morgan finds out that she is in a place where there are no phones, no cars, and … no Starbucks?

Erin Evan’s tale is wonderfully written with the sense of sarcastic humor that comes naturally between Morgan, and her (new) best friend Fenris, a strange wolf-like creature. Whether in telepathic communication or verbally, their banter brings out the best and worst in each other. Being the first book of the trilogy, The Shattered Shoe has moments that remind me of a cross between Once Upon a Time, and The Brothers Grimm. I found this magical book to be smart, funny, and full of action with many surprises.

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