Big Changes!

I know I said in my interview with Beyond the Fried that my next project was not going to be a Rhine Maiden book. Well, I’ve changed my mind. That interview got me thinking. There are quite a few things I wished I had done differently in my first book and I suddenly realized that I can change them! Sounds silly now, but I’ve thought about rewriting The Rhine Maiden in the past and been too overwhelmed by the idea. Now that I have six books under my belt, I think I am finally ready to start over again. Not just re-editing, but a complete rewrite.

The other night I sat down with my husband and made him read to me all the things that people mentioned they hated in the Amazon comments. I know, I’m a big baby. It was just gentler on my tender self-esteem to hear it instead of read it! I now have a list of things to fix, and I think these changes will make it a better book.

Since it will be significantly different from the original, I’m going to delete (gasp!) the The Rhine Maiden and publish a new book. It will still be “A Rhine Maiden Novel” but I’m going to give it a different title, and a new cover. I micro-managed my graphic artist on the first cover and, oddly enough,  it’s the cover I like the least. This time I’m going to stay out of her way. I will lose all my negative reviews that are talking about stuff that will no longer exist in the book. I will also be losing my positive ones, but since it’s almost half and half, I think this is the way to go.

The scary thing is that I will then have to re-edit all the subsequent books to make sure there are no “continuity” problems. The fun part is that I get to reinvent Piper’s beginning.  I feel that I have a better grasp on who she is now and rewriting the first book will only make her a stronger character.

My top five title ideas (for now):

1. Don’t Rhine on My Parade

2. Blame it on the Rhine

3. Out of the Rhine

4. Risk of Rhine

5. Listen to the Rhine

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2 Responses to Big Changes!

  1. Paul Fuller says:


    As a self-published-author-inspired-by-your-lead, I was wondering if perhaps you had considered a second edition rather than a complete deletion of the original book? In the science fiction overall genera (and probably suburban fantasy too), reboots are becoming fully acceptable these days too (You can tell that I watched the Star Trek movie in theater last night).

    Also, doesn’t deleting the book on the back-end delete the copies on our Kindles? I probably should find out for myself because this will affect what I do to “Inheritors of Freedom” novelette since that is a short version of what will be a larger book.



    • erinevans says:

      First off, I’m jealous about the Star Trek watching. My whole family has gone and I had to spend yesterday with my fingers in my ears saying “LALALALA!” while they talked about it. I really need to get a babysitter and go!

      More to the point, I have thought about just updating and I’m still waffling, but leaning more to the deleting. My understanding from surfing the Kindle threads is that it would not delete the book off of people’s Kindles.

      I feel that my plethora of one star reviews is hurting my series, and as I make all those changes, their reviews will no longer be relevant to the book, so I would feel that I needed to put some sort of Author’s Note explaining the changes and that seems complicated. It seems easier to just start over.

      I have played around with the thought of writing a comment to each negative reviewer thanking them (sincerely) for their comments and asking them to read and review the new book since I made changes based on their suggestions, but I’m not sure if that seems creepy/stalkerish.

      The pro’s for updating are that I keep all my positive comments, and Amazon will send out the email informing people of the update, so anyone who has downloaded the book before but not read it yet would hopefully be able to access the new copy. I just don’t know.

      By the way, your book is next in my “To Read” queue after I finish “Wool.” I’m looking forward to it! I tried to put it on my “To Read” list on Goodreads but it hasn’t been added yet. Have you thought about starting an author page there?


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