“Food for Love” Blurb

Understand that this is totally a rough draft, and that many things in the plot (including the title) could change before publishing, but I thought I would let ya’ll know a little more about what my new book is about:

The McKellens are known for their fabulous cooking, but youngest daughter, Cordelia Anne, can’t even boil water. Imagine her surprise when the terms of her Great Aunt’s will are read, forcing Cordy to become a successful chef or forfeit her inheritance. With the help of her best-friend and roommate, Cordelia sets out to conquer the catering world, relying heavily on a secret gift from her Great Aunt: a mysterious chafing dish. An anonymous blog-site is keeping people informed on her every move, her handsome neighbor is very distracting, and the catering business is much harder than it looks. She may be able to take the heat, but Cordelia would give anything to get out of the kitchen!

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3 Responses to “Food for Love” Blurb

  1. Piggy can’t wait! Does this mean no more Rhine Maiden series? 🙁

  2. I still have some ideas for Piper and her family, they just won’t get written and published this year!

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