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I’ve looked into the KDP Select program before on Amazon and been undecided. I think I’m ready to take the plunge with this new book and try it out for 90 days.

The benefits of the program are that The Shattered Shoe would be available to “check out” for free for Prime Members. I would be getting paid the same amount per “rental” as I would for a sale, but the reader would get the book for free for the month. Also, Amazon makes it easy to offer a discount or even give the book away for free a couple of days a month, a much easier process than uploading free to Smashwords and waiting a month or two for the book to hit B&N and Apple and then waiting for Amazon to price match, or even offering a coupon on Smashwords.

The downside of the program is the thing that has kept me from trying this before. The book can only be available on Amazon. I can’t even offer to email a reader a copy of the book in an .epub format. I’ve gone back and forth on this, and figure it can’t hurt to try the program for 90 days.

The vast majority of my readers are on Amazon. I sell more books on Amazon in a month than I do in a quarter on Smashwords. I like being out there in more markets, but the ease of the KDP Select program is tempting as is the chance to reach more readers with a “free” book without the stigma of being free and therefore junk. I definitely will not be moving all my books to KDP Select and might very well be removing The Shattered Shoe after the initial 90 day commitment. We’ll see.

The upside to being a self-published author is that I have the freedom to experiment!

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