My Brain is Stuck on Zombie Research

I realize I still haven’t published Book 2 of the Pernicious Princess series, but my mind is already working ahead to Book 3.  What books, movies, etc. should I look into for zombie research?

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  1. Haneen Toropov says:

    World War Z the book and the movie might be relevant. You might also watch Warm Bodies for a twist on Zombies. Rhiannon Frater has a good series on Amazon about zombies but I cannot remember the name. As the world dies or something. J. R. Rain did some zombie books too. I didn’t read them, but I hear they are pretty good. Hope that helps. I’d read the World War Z book first though.

    • erinevans says:

      For WW Z the book was much better than the movie, and by better I mean it gave me nightmares for a month. I really enjoyed Warm Bodies, but zombies aren’t my favorite. I’ve only been able to make it through the first season of the Walking Dead. I”ll check out the authors you mentioned, thanks!

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