Revised ABNA Pitch

“She speaks and they obey,” but even a supernatural ability can’t help this stay-at-home mom control her own life.

The Rhine Maiden is a laugh-out-loud urban-fantasy with an unlikely protagonist, a young mother who has an unusual power. Blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the ability to command obedience, Piper Cavanaugh’s normal life turns upside down in this 75,000-word novel.

A descendent of the sirens who sang sailors to their deaths, Piper has vowed to never use her power of command, but one little slip-up and her secret has come back to bite her – literally. Now she must gain permission to join the United Supernatural Beings, or it’s open hunting season on all of humanity. While juggling toddlers, keeping her husband in the dark, and babysitting her rebellious kid sister, Piper finds herself befriending a vampire, stealing from murderous witches, and doing battle with “Satan,” otherwise known as her mother-in-law. And she thought grocery shopping with her kids was hard!

The Rhine Maiden is a refreshing switch for readers who long for a more relatable heroine. With commonsense and sass, Piper handles diapers to decapitations as only a mother can. Filled with comedy, action, and thrills, The Rhine Maiden expands the borders of urban fantasy into the suburbs!

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3 Responses to Revised ABNA Pitch

  1. erinevans says:

    I’ve tweaked my pitch a bit. I thought “suburban fantasy at its best!” might seem like self-aggrandizing hyperbole. (It’s not every day that you get to use those words in a sentence!) My husband came up with “expanding the borders of urban fantasy into the suburbs.” Thanks, honey!

  2. Nori says:

    There is no such word as “anyways”. Please, PLEASE stop. I wince every time I read it. Other than that, good book.

    • erinevans says:

      You make me laugh! Yes, I know it’s not a word, but sadly, it’s one I use myself. I apologize for setting off your pet peeve and promise to try and use better English grammar in the future!

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